Talking about the development prospect of Meilu 6061 aluminum sheet market in 2013
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It is well known that the 6061 aluminum plate has been widely used in the aviation industry since the last century, and the demand is still increasing. Everyone knows that the aviation manuf..........

It is well known that the 6061 aluminum plate has been widely used in the aviation industry since the last century, and the demand is still increasing. Everyone knows that the aviation manufacturing industry has higher requirements for the performance of materials, and the 6061 aluminum plate can be so valued in this industry, which is determined by its own characteristics. As an alloy that has been subjected to cold-treatment forging technology, it can be said that it is the strongest among all aluminum alloys. A careful study of the composition of the 6061 aluminum plate reveals that it contains a variety of metal materials, especially the addition of magnesium and other elements, so that its strength has been greatly improved. Formally due to the mixing of a variety of metals, it is far superior in strength to other mild steel board products, so it has also won the title of the "most powerful alloy". Many years ago, people always thought about whether they could mix various metals together, give full play to their respective advantages, and make a perfect combination in hardness, density, and ductility to produce alloy building materials that meet our actual needs. However, due to limited technology and backward technology, scientists have been unable to solve the problems of different melting points of various metals, so they cannot be combined to form alloys. However, with the development of science and technology and further research, scientists have finally broken through this problem in recent years, mastered the alloy technology, and manufactured various alloys, among which alloy aluminum plate is the most common alloy material on the market.

Due to its light weight, high hardness and moderate cost, the alloy aluminum plate has been widely used in various fields and fields since its invention and manufacture. In less than a few years, it quickly occupied various building materials markets and became the first choice for many industrial products. Among them, 6061 alloy plate is a high-end product in alloy aluminum plate. It is mainly made of aluminum, magnesium, silicon, etc. It has medium strength, strong corrosion resistance and can be welded, and has good oxidation effect.

Therefore, the 6061 aluminum plate is a very popular industrial structural part in industrial production and is widely used in various products. It is used in automobile manufacturing, parts manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, and precision instrument processing.

Meilu is a well-known enterprise producing aluminum alloy sheets with many years of production history. In the years of operation, it insists on the principle of quality as life and checks the quality of products. This has earned its products more and more customers' trust and increased market share.

American Airlines has a clear plan for the future development of the company. It puts the focus of investment on the improvement of production technology and strives to improve the technological content of products. At present, the 6061 aluminum plate produced by American Airlines has reached the international advanced level both in strength and pressure resistance, and is far ahead of other companies in the same industry.

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