Q: The State Council research and deployment further strengthens air pollution control such as smog
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A: Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meetingResearch and deployment to further strengthen air pollution control such as smogReview and approve the Regulations on the Super..........

A: Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting

Research and deployment to further strengthen air pollution control such as smog

Review and approve the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices (Revised Draft)

On February 12, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting to study and further strengthen the regulation of air pollution such as smog, and reviewed and approved the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices (Revised Draft).

The meeting held that the fight against the air pollution and the protracted war are the top priorities for improving people's livelihood, the key measures for transferring the way and adjusting the structure, and also the major task of promoting the construction of ecological civilization. Since the State Council issued the Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control in September last year, all regions and departments have acted swiftly, set targets, built mechanisms, and strengthened supervision. They have taken new steps in the comprehensive management of air pollution and received widespread attention from the society. And approval. However, air pollution is formed by long-term accumulation. We must fully understand the grim situation facing the prevention and control work and persist in making unremitting efforts. Based on national conditions, scientific governance, and classified guidance, focusing on mega-cities and regions with frequent smog, taking PM2.5 and PM10 as breakthroughs, and grasping key links such as energy structure, exhaust emissions and dust, we will continue to introduce far and near integration. It is conducive to the treatment of both the symptoms and the root causes, and promotes the overall supporting policies and measures. In the prevention and control of air pollution, vigorous efforts, realism, and effectiveness, efforts to achieve a gradual improvement in air quality in key areas, and eliminate the "heart and lungs" of the people.

The meeting called for the following measures to be implemented on the basis of improving existing policies: First, accelerate the adjustment of the energy structure. Implement cross-regional power transmission projects, rationally control the total amount of coal consumption, and promote the use of clean coal. Promote the upgrading of the quality of finished oil products for vehicles, and fully supply the national four-vehicle diesel before the end of this year. We will implement reforms in heat metering, carry out building energy conservation, and promote urban pollution reduction. Accelerate the elimination of old and inefficient boilers and improve the energy conservation and environmental protection level of coal-fired boilers. Complete the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” backward production capacity elimination task one year ahead of schedule. The second is to play the role of incentives and guidance for prices, taxes, subsidies, etc. Tax policy support for coalbed methane power generation. The central government set up special funds and arranged 10 billion yuan this year to implement the “reward for awards” for air pollution prevention and control in key areas. Formulate the “leaders” standard for energy efficiency and pollutant discharge intensity in key industries, and encourage enterprises that meet the standards. Improve the subsidy policy for purchasing new energy vehicles, and increase efforts to eliminate yellow-label cars and old cars. Vigorously support the core technology of energy conservation and environmental protection and related industry development. The third is to implement the responsibilities of all parties. Implement the assessment of responsibility for air pollution prevention and control. Improve the environmental supervision system of state supervision, local supervision, and unit responsibility. Improve the emission standards for air pollutants in industries such as cement, boilers and nonferrous metals. Standardize the release of environmental information. The meeting stressed that with greater determination, more emphasis should be placed on the use of market and rule of law means to better play the role of social forces and science and technology support, and work should be strengthened around structural adjustment, comprehensive improvement of key industries, and monitoring and early warning of heavy pollution. We will speed up the formulation and revision of relevant laws and regulations, and promote the formation of a governance pattern in which the whole society “same and breathe, fight together” and work together to prevent and control air pollution, and protect and improve the ecological environment for the benefit of all people with tangible results.

The meeting reviewed and approved the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices (Revised Draft). It is pointed out that ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices is of great significance for maintaining human health and life safety, improving the quality of life, and promoting industrial upgrading. The revised draft further improved classification management based on the risk of medical device products, raising the threshold for high-risk products and simplifying access procedures for low-risk products. Strengthen the process supervision and daily supervision, highlight the responsibility of quality control and safety management of production and operation enterprises and users, increase the punishment range for illegal acts, increase penalties, and maintain a fair and orderly production and operation order with the system. Encourage enterprises to innovate and develop more high-quality products so that the people can get benefits and rest assured.

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