6061 aluminum sheet processing performance and stability guarantee
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6061 aluminum sheet has excellent processing properties, and its corrosion resistance and thermoplasticity are also excellent, and oxidation coloring is also very convenient. It belongs t..........

       6061 aluminum sheet has excellent processing properties, and its corrosion resistance and thermoplasticity are also excellent, and oxidation coloring is also very convenient. It belongs to the Al-Mg-Si alloy and is medium in strength. Based on these characteristics, the 6061 aluminum plate has a very wide application in the construction industry. It has a wide range of applications in industries where strength is critical, and is used primarily in the manufacture of building construction, ships, trams, precision machining, and furniture.

       However, the influence of the production process on the 6061 aluminum plate is also huge. In the production of 6061 aluminum plate, coarse and fine structure, phase precipitates, feather structure often appear, and casting cracks are easy to occur when solidifying, so that the alloy Quality will be greatly affected. Even after the feathering process, it is difficult to achieve the desired result. This requires finding a more favorable method when casting.

       To solve the above problems, you can pay more attention to the following aspects: the alloy composition used in ingot casting, the influence of the composition of the alloy on the quality of the finished product is crucial; then the material is homogeneous, after the ingot is finished, the homogenization is required. The corresponding standard is achieved; the third is the on-line quenching and three-temperature control before the aluminum sheet is formed, which is also a crucial step in the casting; the fourth is the aging after the aluminum sheet is formed.

       These four are the most basic methods and precautions for improving the hardness and strength of the 6061 aluminum sheet when it is produced. Of course, there are still many factors to be considered in actual production. For example, from the design drawings of aluminum materials, the thickness of aluminum, the degree of straightness, and the bearing capacity of each force part should be considered.

       The performance of all aspects of the 6061 aluminum plate is very good, especially his corrosion resistance makes him perform very well in all walks of life. In addition, he has high strength and weldability, which makes the 6061 aluminum plate wider. There are now 6061 aluminum plate applications on many mechanical parts. And many of the parts of the vehicles we have to travel every day are inseparable from the 6061 aluminum plate.

       Many of the previous mechanical parts or accessories used in the production process are ordinary steel, which will cause a lot of damage, especially when the use time is too long, it is very easy to rust and age, resulting in production efficiency. reduce. And often there are accidents. Nowadays, many mechanical parts have been improved. The improved mechanical parts are made of 6061 aluminum plates, so that there is no fear of accidents.

       In addition, all kinds of transportation, cars, ships, and trains that we often encounter in our life will have 6061 aluminum plates as the production elements of two sentences. In this way, the parts on these vehicles have good internal corrosion. After the parts have been used for a long time, there is no need to worry about being corroded. Many private car owners will park their cars outside, so they often have to worry about whether the car will cause rust due to prolonged wind and rain. But now that there is a 6061 aluminum plate as a part material, we don't have to worry too much about this problem. With the 6061 aluminum plate as a traffic material, it is also very good to avoid accidents. Supporting our safe travel and safeguarding our lives.

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