Introduction of common 6061 aluminum plate and 7075 aluminum plate
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The alloy aluminum plate is a material processed by materials such as aluminum and aluminum alloy. Generally, the thickness of the alloy aluminum plate is about 0.2 mm, the width will var..........

       The alloy aluminum plate is a material processed by materials such as aluminum and aluminum alloy. Generally, the thickness of the alloy aluminum plate is about 0.2 mm, the width will vary between 200 mm and 500 mm, and the different specific names of the length will be changed. For example, less than 16 meters is called aluminum sheet, aluminum sheet, etc. Wait.

       The aluminum plate is also very diverse in type, mainly according to his composition, such as pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate, etc., the aluminum plate with different purity also has different difference in the field of use and performance. . The stage of application of alloy aluminum plate is very huge. For example, in lighting equipment, elevators, furniture, some decorative materials will also play a role in some large-scale industries such as electrical aerospace and military.

       In this article, the contents of the two most common alloy aluminum plates on the market will be introduced in detail, so that you can understand the different functions of the two alloy aluminum plates.

First of all, we will introduce some 6061 aluminum plates. The use of 6061 aluminum plates in industrial manufacturing is very high. Because the 6061 aluminum plates have excellent mechanical properties, 6061 aluminum plates are used in many large-scale equipment and industrial equipment. 6061 aluminum plate will play a more effective role in the manufacture of vehicles, because the 6061 aluminum plate has very good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. These two properties will ensure a good use of the 6061 aluminum plate. Life expectancy will not be easily damaged, and it will be able to adapt to the use of the product in more demanding environments. Just like a high-low temperature and fast alternating flight environment, with the outstanding corrosion resistance and strong plasticity of the 6061 aluminum plate, it will not be easily affected and has good pressure resistance.

       6061 aluminum plate is also widely used in the furniture decoration industry. Many parts of the aluminum alloy material used in modern decoration are 6061 aluminum plates. The 6061 aluminum plate is not easy to rust, and it can maintain excellent performance in cold environment, so There are many 6061 aluminum plates used in household appliances such as air conditioner refrigerators.

       The 7075 series aluminum plate has good wear resistance. In the process of producing the 7075 aluminum plate, the metal mg is added, so the 7075 series aluminum plate has a greater advantage in heat treatment than the aluminum-zinc two-aluminum plate. The higher the Mg content, the higher the strength of the 7075 aluminum sheet. From the 4075 series of aluminum panels from the 1940s, it has been used in aircraft manufacturing. Because he is a kind of ultra-high-strength alloy with high heat treatment strengthening performance and solid solution process, it is very suitable for aerospace industry. Mainly used in some structural parts of the aircraft that require high strength and corrosion resistance, such as the face wall version of the upper and lower wings, support bars and so on.

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