Trending automotive aluminum gradually replaces steel: the outlook is considerable
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Recently, the Raw Materials Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a seminar on the promotion and application of aluminum for transportation..........

        Recently, the Raw Materials Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a seminar on the promotion and application of aluminum for transportation in Beijing. According to the disclosure information, the participating companies generally believe that the performance of some aluminum materials for transportation in China can basically meet the demand of freight trains and freight cars. The promotion and application of aluminum should focus on commercial vehicles and freight trains.

        As the country's requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction become stricter, lightweight body has become a long-term topic in automobile manufacturing. The weight of the automobile body is about 70% of the fuel. The density of the aluminum material is 1/3 of that of the steel. The effect of weight reduction is outstanding. The aluminum is used instead of the steel to produce the car. The weight of the whole vehicle can be reduced by 30%~40%, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption. The aluminum for automobiles is also an area in which aluminum companies are focusing on deep processing of aluminum materials and converting excess capacity.

        Currently, Europe, North America and other regions are accelerating the pace of increasing the aluminization rate of passenger cars. HISAutomotive, the world's largest auto industry research company, predicts that global body aluminum will add 8.7 million tons in 2025, and all-aluminum body models will account for 30%. Despite the broad market prospects, the promotion of aluminum for automotive use in China is facing the grim reality of high cost, imperfect technology, and bias in the consumption of manufacturers and the public. Fundamentally, the biggest problem is still the price. Although aluminum prices have fallen to a low point, their prices are still much higher than steel, and aluminum far exceeds steel in processing and assembly costs. Alcoa's automotive structure experts have said that a car with an all-aluminum body has a 65% premium to a steel body. At the same time, Volkswagen and some manufacturers have insufficient understanding of aluminum materials, and there is a prejudice against the safety of aluminum alloy vehicles. In addition, the high price makes a considerable part of consumers and manufacturers use less enthusiasm.

        The key to the smooth promotion of aluminum vehicles is to reduce costs through technological breakthroughs. Automotive aluminum has high requirements for processing technology. Aluminum processing enterprises and automobile manufacturers should unite to enhance aluminum performance, develop low-cost aluminum alloys and advanced aluminum alloy forming processes, and develop joint technology between different materials. Work hard to increase the use of aluminum alloy castings and continuously reduce the production cost of aluminum vehicles. Transforming people's perceptions of aluminum cars and consumer attitudes is also an important factor in promoting aluminum for automobiles. To let consumers know that although the price of aluminum cars is higher than that of traditional steel cars, due to the light weight and low fuel consumption, many oil costs can be saved each year; the weight per unit weight of aluminum is the steel in the collision. In times, aluminum cars have a higher safety factor in the event of an impact.

        At the Seminar on the Promotion and Application of Aluminum for Transportation, the Raw Materials Division stated that the next step will be to strengthen cooperation with relevant departments and departments on the promotion and application of aluminum in the transportation sector, accelerate the development of high-strength aluminum alloy materials and further improve transportation. Promotion and application of aluminum. Domestic aluminum companies and automobile manufacturing companies are also working hard to promote the production of aluminum vehicles. The development and cooperation of aluminum alloy foils, aluminum wheels and other aluminum products for enterprises such as Zhongwang, Chang Aluminum and CITIC Daika. Some progress. It is believed that with the support of relevant policies, the gradual improvement of technology, and the gradual reversal of people's consumption concepts, the spring breeze of automotive aluminum can really blow the spring of the aluminum industry.

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