Application of precision cast aluminum alloy thick plate in standard body CUBING
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Application of precision cast aluminum alloy thick plate in standard body CUBING Cubing translated into the exact term can be called the functional master model (FUNTIONAL MASTERMODEL) ca..........
Application of precision cast aluminum alloy thick plate in standard body CUBING

        Cubing translated into the exact term can be called the functional master model (FUNTIONAL MASTERMODEL) called the standard body, also known as the body combination checker, or the interior and exterior trim master, is the German BMW patented technology. The essence is the inspection tool, which can be understood as a high-level inspection tool. Generally, after the product development to the vehicle data freezing phase, according to the digital model of the vehicle body, a standardized body model made in a ratio of 1:1 is generally made of precision-cast aluminum alloy thick plates. This standardized body model is called Cubing. . Due to the fact that it is manufactured according to the design data and processed by a precision CNC machine tool, the overall cubbing can be said to be zero deviation from the design digital model. It is a true representation of the three-dimensional digital model, mainly used for the matching and evaluation of the outer cover and the inner and outer trim.

What is the role of CUBING?

Specifically, the cubing effect mainly has the following aspects:

      1. Intuitively review the design of the interior and exterior of the car to evaluate the overall size and effect. The matching result of the parts on the cubing is an important basis for correcting the original design defects and deficiencies in the design data model change and correcting the manufacturing tolerance deviation of the parts. This is an advanced design and quality control concept that is only used in the development of a few mid- to high-end models. Using it can greatly shorten the product development cycle, ensure product quality, and close to zero tolerance of components.

      2. Effective body and component problem verification during design and development and mass production. During the trial production, the previous practice was to fight the white body with plastic parts. Both sides accused the other party of doing something wrong. Often the main engine factory is responsible for the body-in-white, and the right to speak is a bit bigger. It is obvious that the plastic parts are right, and they must be changed. This change involves changing the parts of the adjacent relationship. And the parts suppliers are also strange, obviously made by digital model, why is it wrong? Of course, there is the opposite situation. It is obvious that the component manufacturers have done something wrong. Take the inspection tool and check it. Yes, yes! why? Parts inspection tools are made according to parts, and the wrong situation can only indicate that the production consistency is not good. In the third case, everyone is doing very well. They are all right. They all meet the requirements. But when they are put together, they are not good. They are not good, they are not coordinated, they are solved, or they are pulling the whole body. Everyone has done a good job. Ok, if you change it, you may have changed everyone.

       Then, how to expect a good consistency between the production model and the 3D digital model, with the Cubing thing, the digital prototype and the production model and the parts are really connected. With Cubing, you can wipe out all these things. You are not saying that you are doing well? Ok, I have a thing that is exactly the same as the model. You try it on it. If it is good, OK! If not, you can change it. Moreover, everyone can see how the overall effect is, even if it needs improvement, the direction of improvement is more intuitive. The suppliers and problems that are related to each other, the problems and contradictions are also placed on the table, and the previous political issues have been solved technically. Is it a good thing?

       3. The benefit of CUBING is also a highly modular gage that can be freely designed for inspections and all modules and components are interchangeable. For example, the front end, the bumper, the headlights, the grille, the fender and the front hood can be interchanged between the module and the physical parts, which is impossible with any kind of inspection tool. The simple use of three coordinates is also a difficult task, especially the intuitive effect. Extending from the free design check, CUBING can theoretically cut arbitrarily, which determines its cost depends on the budget. When you have a lot of budget, you can make a complete one. Like a real car, it is like an all-aluminum body. When the budget is small, you can only do the front end and the back end. The inner model does not work temporarily, and there is no matching relationship. Knockout, saving aluminum is to save material, while also saving processing time, thus saving costs.

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