The latest processing method of 7075 aluminum
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The latest processing method of 7075 aluminum 7075 aluminum plating solution is based on Cr3+, Ni2+ salts. It does not contain hexavalent chromium, has a wide range of cathode current dens..........
The latest processing method of 7075 aluminum

       7075 aluminum plating solution is based on Cr3+, Ni2+ salts. It does not contain hexavalent chromium, has a wide range of cathode current density, strong dispersion coverage, no effect on power failure and current fluctuation, low reject rate, large pH range, and high cathode current efficiency. Through the self-made additives, the performance of the plating solution has been greatly improved, especially in the thickening of the plating layer, which has obvious advantages, and the hydrogen evolution of the cathode is controlled. The cathode current efficiency can reach more than 70%, the chromium content of the coating layer is 0.1-60%, and the plating layer can be arbitrarily thickened.

Due to the obvious advantages of 7075 aluminum electrodeposited nickel-chromium alloy, the application and promotion of foreign countries is very active at present. China is still in the stage of research and exploration. So far, no production reports have been reported. With the rapid development of science and technology, higher requirements will be placed on the performance of materials. Therefore, the old technology will be gradually eliminated, so the application prospect of electrodeposited nickel-chromium alloy technology is very broad.

       The operation is convenient and safe. It can be plated under normal temperature and heating conditions. The process conditions are wide, no need to be charged into the tank, easy to operate, no chromic acid mist escapes during production, and the working environment is good and safe.

       The coating has strong bonding strength and high hardness. The chromium content of 7075 aluminum can be adjusted according to requirements. The thickness of the coating can be arbitrarily selected, and the corrosion resistance is high, especially the corrosion resistance of strong acid and alkali. The decorative coating has a silver-white bright mirror-like alloy coating, which is micro-cracked by electron microscopy. The thick alloy coating is porous silver-gray, similar to hard chrome.

       Electroplating manufacturers are acceptable, just replace the anode and plating solution of the general plating tank, you can plate nickel-chromium alloy, and the staff can be employed after a simple job training. Due to the high efficiency of the cathode current, it can save 60% of electric energy, and the wastewater treatment is simple and the cost is low, which accounts for only about 2% of the treatment cost of the hexavalent chromium wastewater. Therefore, the economic benefits are very obvious.

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