Aluminum plate and aluminum alloy plate rescue enterprises to withdraw from the market
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Reprinted: Aluminum alloy plate rescue enterprises delistingEarlier, a large-scale modern aluminum sheet and strip rolling company in the southern part of China announced its delisting and t..........
Reprinted: Aluminum alloy plate rescue enterprises delisting

Earlier, a large-scale modern aluminum sheet and strip rolling company in the southern part of China announced its delisting and the staff arranged separately, which shocked and regretted the outside world. This is one of the largest aluminum sheet and strip rolling enterprises in China. In October 2010, the (1+5) hot rolling line was put into operation, and a 2.5mm thick coil was rolled out. This is a one-step project, one phase two. The step project is a single-rack 2450mm SMS company's CVC-6 type irreversible cold rolling mill with a 5-stand cold continuous rolling line, and a complete set of strip finishing equipment, put into production in 2011, the first phase The project was completed and the strip production capacity was 400 kt/a.

According to the company's original plan, a third phase of the project will be built: a 2450mm four-roller reversible hot roughing mill will be added to the hot rolling line to become a (1+1+5) type hot rolling line; Add 1 3-stand cold rolling line and 1 single-stand cold rolling mill. If completed, the whole plant's strip production capacity can reach 900kt/a. Since the output and operating conditions of the first phase of the project were much worse than expected, the construction of the second phase was stranded.

Asia and China's only aluminum plate 5 continuous rolling line

The company is located in a certain area in the south, covering an area of 10,000 mu, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan. There are two parts of aluminum profiles and plates and belts. The profiles were put into production in 2005 and 2006 respectively. They were moved from Foshan City and belonged to the relocation project. It was built in the late 1980s and has made great achievements. It has made significant contributions to the development of China's extruded aluminum industry. The existing extrusion capacity is 350kt/a, which is the top 10 enterprises with extruded aluminum production capacity of ≥300kt. one.

The company's strip system has one (1+5) hot-rolling production line and one 1727mm cold-rolling production line. It is the second-hand equipment for the suspension and storage of Caesar Aluminium Company of the United States, but the necessary moderate transformation was done by SMS Siemag. It has reached the level of modernization. For example, the original process parameter simulation control system has been changed to today's digital control system. These two production lines are not only unique to China, but also the only ones in Asia. Now that they have stopped, when they can "resurrect" again, it will be difficult to determine. However, it is certain that the reeling date of the cold rolling line is more difficult because its roll width is only 1727mm, and the maximum width of the strip can be less than 1600mm. One can not produce ≥1800mm aluminum foil wool, and the second can not produce ≥ The 14-station can body is very limited in its production of wide-width aluminum sheets. However, it has a unique feature that the rolling lubricant is water-based rather than full-oil, which is more conducive to energy saving and environmental protection.

The hot roughing mill and the single-stand CVC-6 irreversible cold rolling mill can be sold separately. It is brand new and imported from the German company Siemag. It is the top aluminum strip mill in the world. It is bought at a high price. How can it be left idle? Nothing to do!

The company's casting workshop has 4 sets of 85t smelting-resting furnaces, 2 sets of 50t smelting-resting furnaces, a total of 12 sets, the melting furnaces are all round, the static furnaces are all tilting rectangular, the thermal efficiency of all kinds of furnaces The rate is 55%. There are 3 heating furnaces, which can hold 30 ingots/furnace of milled surface. The size of ingot is 400mm~590mm thick, 960mm~2060mm wide and 3000mm~6500mm long. The size of the cast ingot in the casting workshop: thickness 400mm~610mm, width 960mm~2060mm, length 2300mm~6500mm.

Delisting begins, self-existing latecomers

Under the conditions of a socialist market economy, the life and death of enterprises is normal. Without the survival of the fittest, there will be no progress. Today, a large aluminum sheet and rolling mill has fallen, and there may be other rolling companies closing tomorrow. Why is this southern big board and belt enterprise falling down? The author's view is: the company's aluminum sheet and belt production capacity is too rich, exceeding the market economy capacity; there is no elite team that is good at management; first involved in the production and management of large aluminum sheets and belt enterprises, and the technical difficulty and complexity of product production. Insufficient knowledge and estimation.

First of all, let's talk about whether the production capacity of plates and strips is surplus or surplus. In 2013, the production capacity of China's cold-rolled aluminum sheets and belts (the author's calculation) was 12,500 kt/a, while the actual output was 8,800 kt/a (including aluminum foil strips), with a production capacity surplus of 42%. In 2013, the world's aluminum sheets and belts were overcapacity. 26.5%. Usually about 15% of the surplus is normal.

During the two sessions of the National People's Congress this year, Zhang Shiping, deputy of the National People's Congress and chairman of Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the media that he did not think that the aluminum processing industry had overcapacity. However, the author believes that the capacity he refers to is not the whole country, nor the whole world, but refers to the Binzhou area or Shandong Province. The author believes that when discussing this issue, the first two statistics should be clarified: How much is the design production capacity greater than the actual production? How much is the aluminum design production capacity and actual production at a certain time and in a certain area? Have more accurate statistics, not estimated outrageous data.

The author's general view is: as long as it is engaged in the market economy, there will be a certain overcapacity; under the conditions of a large surplus of production capacity, new projects can still be built; I predict that the production capacity of China's cold rolled aluminum strip may exceed at the end of 2016. At 18000 kt/a, the surplus factor will exceed 1.55, and the GDP growth rate may fall to around 7%. On the one hand, the growth rate of production capacity is accelerated, and on the other hand, the growth rate of demand is slowing down. Increase.

The second reason for this big-strip enterprise is that there is no team that is good at management. The company originally engaged in aluminum extrusion. It is much easier to manage extrusion enterprises and materials than to manage large-scale boards and enterprises. The marketing concepts of the two companies are also different. Due to poor management, it is difficult for the company to make a profit in the short term. After three or four years of production, it should have been 100% productive and produced at full capacity, while the actual production is only about 5%. The benefits are too low, and there is no reason to be eliminated.

Aluminum sheet and strip production technology is much more complicated than extruded materials, especially to maintain bulk products such as cans (can body, can lid, pull material), PS and CTP aluminum base, aluminum foil strip, ABS, aerospace sheet The stability of various performances is not easy. To achieve the same material and performance stability as the batch, the same time, the same volume, it is more difficult. The large-strip production company has not been able to produce large quantities of can body strips in a stable manner for four years, and it can only be withdrawn from the market. Otherwise, the more losses will be, the more burdens will be. Large-scale aluminum strip enterprises (capacity ≥300 kt / a) of cans, PS and CTP aluminum plate base, aluminum foil strip, ABS production should reach about 60% of the design production capacity to have good economic benefits, because they are large Strip products.

What other companies have the possibility of being eliminated?

By the end of 2013, China had 14 (1+3), (1+4), and (1+5) aluminum strip hot rolling lines with a total production capacity of 9,500 kt/a, the first in 2003 ( In the 10 years since the 1+4) hot rolling line was put into production in 2013, the production capacity has increased by 189 times, which is unique in the history of hot strip rolling in the world aluminum strip; there is (1+1) hot rough-finishing line 8 145 sets of single-stand hot rolling mills with a total production capacity of 11,000 kt/a; 850 sets of twin-roll continuous casting and rolling lines with a production capacity of 7,500 kt/a; one continuous production line of Hazlet, with a production capacity of 250 kt/a . It can be seen that the production capacity of the aluminum strip for cold rolling is 23,250 kt/a. There are 8 double-stands and 3 or 5 cold-rolling lines, 318 sets of 4 rolls and 6 rolls (including 17 sets of CVC-type non-reversible models), and their total production capacity is 12500kt/a.

Among these enterprises, there are 15 individual enterprises with cold rolled aluminum strip production capacity ≥300 kt/a, except for one that has been delisted in 2014, and 14 other companies that will be put into production in the future market struggle. There may be one or two that will be defeated, delisted or temporarily suspended. Even now, there are seven or eight companies that are unprofitable or meager, and they are struggling in an unprofitable quagmire. This quagmire is like a black hole and cannot see the light of getting out of trouble.

The days of strip rolling mills with a production capacity of ≤150 kt/a are not good. Only about 25% of the companies are in good operating condition and profitable, but the profit margin is not high. Only the profitable profit or loss is flat. 45%, loss accounted for about 30%, such as one company in Shandong has long been discontinued, equipment storage; there is a state-owned enterprise has been put into production for several years, has good equipment, double coil hot rolling mill is made in China, 2450mm6 Roll CVC cold rolling mill is world-class, imported from Germany, with annual losses, and the loss is more than a year. In the western part of China, a large-scale strip plant that has been introduced in a complete set of equipment has been put into production for four years, and no profit has been seen. It is expected that there will be some strip companies going bankrupt in the future. This is not the author's alarmist, but the inevitable result of market competition in the current domestic and international economic situation.

The author hopes that this company that has been delisted will be revived as soon as possible. First, the local resumption of production, restarted by the original investors, but this possibility is not big; Second, another investor, this plant is large, the development space is broad, close to the timber area, and easy to export; Selling equipment, except for the 1727mm cold rolling line, the company's other equipment is the world's top, with more than one year of storage, the price will shrink by 4% or more.

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