Vigorously promote the application of rust-proof aluminum coil in the construction field
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Vigorously promote the application of rust-proof aluminum coil in the construction field Accelerate the strategy of industrialization, informationization, urbanization, and agricultural..........
       Vigorously promote the application of rust-proof aluminum coil in the construction field

       Accelerate the strategy of industrialization, informationization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization, guide private investment, and optimize the demand structure. Promote the application of 3003 rust-proof aluminum coils in the construction field, and increase the proportion of 3003 rust-proof aluminum coils used in public buildings and government investment construction. Implement green building materials projects, develop green safe and energy-efficient buildings, improve the use standards of construction steel, concrete and glass products, and promote product upgrading. Implementation of affordable housing construction, rural environmental remediation, building materials to the countryside and other Huimin projects, stable expansion of steel, cement, flat glass and other market demand, digestion of 3003 anti-rust aluminum coils excess capacity. Support enterprises to carry out the integration of foreign resources and value chain in accordance with the principle of mutual complementarity and mutual benefit and win-win; combine the development of Changjitu development and opening pilot zone, and face the Northeast Asian market, and explore the implementation of the “going out” strategy of 3003 anti-rust aluminum coils with overcapacity.

       Implement fiscal, taxation, finance, land and other policy measures to promote mergers and acquisitions, take into account resources, markets, logistics and other factors, formulate comprehensive incentive policies, and encourage overcapacity 3003 anti-rust aluminum coil enterprises to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions, through the re-integration of elements to achieve comprehensive Increased competitiveness. Encourage superior enterprises to implement mergers and acquisitions through various means such as joint venture, cooperation, property rights transfer and equity swap through market-based means, and increase investment in high-efficiency integration to increase industrial concentration. Support mergers and acquisitions to integrate internal resources, optimize technology and product structure, improve supporting industrial chains, and compress excess capacity. Actively explore the benefit-sharing mechanism, and sign the fiscal and taxation benefit sharing agreement after cross-regional mergers and acquisitions and capacity replacement according to the scale of assets and profitability of the enterprise, and realize the sharing of enterprise mergers and acquisitions.

       We will improve the technological innovation system that takes enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, and combines production, education and research, and concentrates on breaking through and mastering a number of key common technologies that are urgently needed for the development of high-end industries. We will implement various preferential policies for technological transformation of the state and our province, give full play to the policy of deducting VAT, deducting tariffs on imported technical equipment, and exempting tax on key raw materials and parts imported from major technical equipment. Support enterprises to implement "two transformations", that is, apply high-tech transformation to improve the level of 3003 anti-rust aluminum coil equipment with overcapacity, enhance the core competitiveness of products; apply ecological technology and circular economy concept to transform and upgrade traditional production methods, alleviate environmental and resource carrying pressure .

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