Analysis of market trend of aluminum alloy materials in November 2014
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The price of aluminum alloy materials (powder coated profiles) was lowered by 57.14 yuan/ton this month, and the price continued at the beginning of the month. The price fluctuated aroun..........
      The price of aluminum alloy materials (powder coated profiles) was lowered by 57.14 yuan/ton this month, and the price continued at the beginning of the month.

      The price fluctuated around 19,468.57 yuan / ton, and the price at the end of the month was lowered to 19,941.43 yuan / ton, with a price increase of -0.29%.

      Market analysis

      Product: The price of aluminum alloy material decreased by 0.29% this month. The price curve trended downward. The processing price of aluminum alloy material (powder coating) was stable, and the aluminum alloy material was affected by the price of aluminum ingot, which caused the price to continue to decrease. At the end of this month, the aluminum alloy material was stable overall, and the transaction volume did not change significantly. Some manufacturers replenished the goods as needed, and the inventory pressure was reduced compared with the beginning of the month. The domestic aluminum alloy sheet market demand is still not ideal, and low prices have limited incentives for trading volume. Some manufacturers take the initiative to let profitability is not strong, do not rule out the low-cost resources to swim, resulting in the aluminum alloy price curve down.

       Industry chain: According to data released by the International Aluminum Association this month, the global average daily output of aluminum in October was 144,400 tons, down from 145,800 tons in September. It can be seen that global aluminum production is shrinking. In addition, the World Bureau of Metal Statistics said on Wednesday that the global aluminum market supply shortage was 521,000 tons from January to September 2014. Recently, the international aluminum market fundamentals are promising data, and the demand outlook is improving. The external aluminum futures trend is strong. Shanghai Aluminum has been driven, and there has been a technical correction after the continuous decline in the previous period. Therefore, Shanghai Aluminum's recent trend is also mainly based on rebound. In the middle, according to relevant statistics, it is estimated that the output of primary aluminum in the fourth quarter will increase by 500,000 tons compared with the third quarter, an increase of 7%. According to this calculation, the output of electrolytic aluminum will reach 24.135 million tons this year, an increase of 9.5% year-on-year, which is the same as last year. With the increase in supply, social aluminum stocks have increased. According to statistics, domestic 10,000 tons of aluminum stocks were added in early November. This level has not changed much since entering September, consistent with the performance of aluminum prices since September.

       Industry: According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China this month, the growth rate of real estate development investment in January-October was down from January to September. In addition, the growth rate of land acquisition area of national real estate development enterprises and the sales area of commercial housing in the country and The growth rate of sales and the growth rate of funds in place for real estate development enterprises across the country have increased. This indicates that although the property market has not improved much in the short term, the demand for real estate recovery in the long run can be expected. According to the data of the General Administration of Customs this month, as of the end of October, China exported 3.4 million tons of unwrought aluminum and aluminum, up 12.6% year-on-year, of which July-October monthly exports were 387,000 tons, and the export volume in September was even higher. 401,000 tons.

       Late prediction

       The market for aluminum alloy materials this month was affected by the low season of the construction industry. The demand for aluminum alloy materials remained weak. The price of aluminum ingots for raw materials declined, which did not support the price of aluminum alloy profiles. Wang Shihe, a PVC profile analyst at the business community, believes that the market for aluminum alloy profiles will stabilize in the next month, and prices should focus on upstream raw materials.

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