Meitu Metal teaches you how to correctly interpret various test reports of 6061 aluminum plates
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The 606 aluminum plate market has a variety of reports, and some manufacturers even organize the thickness of a book. Then, as an important tool to determine the performance of the 6061 a..........
       The 606 aluminum plate market has a variety of reports, and some manufacturers even organize the thickness of a book. Then, as an important tool to determine the performance of the 6061 aluminum plate, how should we interpret these test reports? How to open the phenomenon to see the essence of grasping the key, to see the key points? Which is the most important? This article will explain for you one by one.

       In 2006 and 2007, the two US companies brought in 6061 aluminum sheet technology and products that have been safely applied in North America and other countries for decades. They opened the China 6061 aluminum sheet industry and guided and cultivated the domestic 6061 aluminum sheet market. In recent years, with the voice and enthusiasm of "aluminum alloy on behalf of copper", with the clear support of the national level, the benefits are rising. The new technology product of 6061 aluminum plate has been recognized by more and more users, and the development trend is gratifying. But the emergence and development of new things will inevitably have a chaotic stage. The chaos of the 6061 aluminum sheet industry is accompanied by the opening of the industry. Recently, the article "The Interpretation of 13 Miscellaneous Images of 6061 Aluminum Sheets" issued by China Cable Online disclosed the main chaos in the industry. However, there are still many chaos that have not been mentioned in the above text. For example, some non-professional manufacturers, network companies, counterfeit companies, the so-called 6061 aluminum plate test report has a lot of tricks.

        The difference between the two standard specifications

        The state has introduced "Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows" (GBT8478-2008) as the latest national standard for doors and windows. Each province and region has its own provincial (land) standard. For example, Jiangsu Province "Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Engineering Technical Regulations" (DGJ32/J07-2005), Guangdong Province "Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Engineering Design, Construction and Acceptance Specifications" (DBJ15-30-2002), etc., meet in the design of aluminum doors and windows Under the premise of the requirements of the national standard, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the provincial standards in each region to ensure the local acceptance. "Gastight, watertight, wind pressure resistance grading and testing methods for building exterior doors and windows" (GBT7106-2008) is the latest national standard for performance testing and grading of doors and windows. "Glass Curtain Wall Engineering Technical Specification" (JGJ102-2003) has always been the leader of the curtain wall industry standard, and has been widely recognized by the industry. The national standard "Building Curtain Wall" GB/T21086-2007 has made a more comprehensive elaboration and agreement on the curtain wall system; "Building Curtain Wall" (GB/T21086-2007), "Building Curtain Wall Airtight, Watertight, Wind Pressure Resistance Testing Method" (GB/T15227-2007) provides the basis and method for curtain wall engineering performance testing and grading.

        The current testing method in our country is to commission the test. The test result is only for the sample, that is to say, the sample is sent by you. Your sample is responsible for your own way. My test result is only responsible for the sample you sent. . Formal professional manufacturers sample no problem, is the product they produce. Non-professional manufacturers, network companies, and counterfeit companies have no ability to produce products or produce qualified products. The samples sent for inspection come to the road. I am afraid that only the ones that they themselves say clearly from which regular manufacturers are flickering or touching. Therefore, without a field visit to see if a company really has the ability to produce 6061 aluminum sheets, you can't just trust the test reports it provides. Also, the so-called test reports of these companies are even counterfeit reports of others. In general, the authenticity of the report can be found on the website of the testing agency indicated on the report.

      For the 6061 aluminum plate, because it is a new material product, in addition to the basic performance test of the cable product, special attention should be paid to the assessment of whether the manufacturer has:

(1) "Test report for conductor aluminum alloy rod material": This report covers the chemical composition of materials, tensile strength, elongation after fracture, electrical conductivity, material density, etc., and all requirements should meet the requirements of national standards to prove the 6061 aluminum plate. The conductor material is qualified. This is the most important report to assess whether the 6061 aluminum plate conductor material is qualified.

(2) "100-hour compressive creep test report of conductor aluminum alloy material": This report can evaluate the compressive creep property of the conductor material used in 6061 aluminum plate, and can understand whether the rate of change of creep curve is related to copper material. The rate of change of the creep curve is similar to illustrate the compressive creep characteristics of the conductor aluminum alloy. Why does the national standard stipulate that the test time is 100 hours? It is necessary to have such a test time guarantee to truly reflect the compressive creep characteristics of the conductor aluminum alloy.

(3) "Report on the consistency of aluminum alloy materials for 6061 aluminum plate conductors and aluminum alloy copper connecting terminals": Nowadays, the industry has disclosed the problem of intentionally concealing the error of eight years using copper-aluminum transition terminals for the connection of 6061 aluminum plates. The correct connection scheme is to use aluminum alloy copper connecting terminals that are consistent with the performance of the connected 6061 aluminum plate. In this case, the supplier is required to provide the consistency inspection report of the aluminum alloy material of the 6061 aluminum plate conductor and the aluminum alloy copper connection terminal issued by the authoritative testing mechanism to prove that the aluminum alloy material used for the special aluminum alloy terminal and the 6061 aluminum plate material are all The consistency of performance ensures that the aluminum alloy of the aluminum alloy copper connecting terminal and the 6061 aluminum plate have the same electrical, mechanical and compressive creep properties, ensuring the safety of the 6061 aluminum plate. This report is self-evident for determining the importance of true and false aluminum alloy connection terminals.

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