Aluminium space for modern transportation, expanding the future of aluminum applications
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According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the aluminum smelting industry lost 8.5 billion yuan in the first 10 months of 2014, while the aluminum rolling processing indu..........
According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the aluminum smelting industry lost 8.5 billion yuan in the first 10 months of 2014, while the aluminum rolling processing industry earned 36.8 billion yuan, up 11.4% year-on-year. With the continuous expansion of aluminum consumption in the three major areas of transportation, construction and power, the profit of aluminum processing enterprises is expected to continue to grow.

The Vice President of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Documentary Army, said at an industry conference on December 21 that China's aluminum consumption has great growth potential. The biggest growth potential in the future is aluminum for transportation, the first aluminum semi-trailer.

Large space for transportation aluminum market

Compared with Europe and the United States, China's automotive aluminum has a lot of room for improvement. At present, the average aluminum consumption of Chinese cars is 105 kg/car, which is obviously lower than the current level of 140-150 kg/amount in Europe and America. Further upgrade to 300 kg. However, the literature army admits that because there is no way to overload the aluminum car, the all-aluminum convertible is currently difficult to promote, and it is being promoted in the all-aluminum closed car. The lightweight of the all-aluminum car can improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. It can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

With the rapid development of urban rail transit construction, coupled with the "high-speed rail diplomacy" and the "One Belt, One Road" progressive display, will bring huge demand for aluminum materials. According to the data, as of the end of 2013, there were more than 1000 high-speed EMUs in the country, of which more than 86% were made of aluminum.

The literary army said that it hopes that the state will give a little bit of policy, but the policy has not yet moved. The association has been working since 2012, and has called for more than two years of policy.

In terms of listed companies, a number of companies are actively deploying aluminum processing capacity. Mingtai Aluminum has long-term supply of CSR, and has obvious advantages in in-depth cooperation. It plans to invest 829 million yuan to build a new aluminum profile project for transportation. The project construction period is 2 years. After completion, it will add 20,000 tons/year of special aluminum profile products, which can form 400. The set/year rail car body parts products, as well as the high-precision transportation aluminum strip project under construction, are accelerating the pace of transformation into the transportation special materials field.

Liyuan refined products have entered six major areas of building decoration and large-scale building structural parts, rail transit, electronic power, machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals and other special aluminum sheets. In 2013, it completed a non-public issuance and raised nearly 1.49 billion yuan for the deep processing project of rail transit vehicle body materials. At present, most of the equipment of the project has been put in place and is being commissioned.

Xinjiang Zhonghe official website on December 18th news that its aluminum alloy construction profile production license will expire on March 9, 2015. In October this year, the AQSIQ production license renewal application was submitted to the AQSIQ, and it has recently been verified and verified.

Expanding aluminum application for 3 years or will be effective

In the field of aluminum for construction, the literature army said that the growth potential of traditional aluminum for doors and windows is not large, and the future growth point is in building formwork and aluminum movable panels.

Luo Tiejun, deputy director of the Raw Materials Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also said in November that the “Expansion of Aluminum in the Construction Industry Application High-Level Forum” also indicated that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will further encourage the application of building aluminum formwork and foam aluminum anti-seismic protection board houses, and encourage construction. Aluminum formwork enterprises make full use of the opportunity of urbanization construction and development of electrolytic aluminum production capacity in the western region to promote the transfer and development of architectural aluminum formwork from the eastern coastal areas to the western regions.

“Our industry is actively responding, trying to limit new capacity, and strive to expand aluminum applications. We can see results in 2~3 years, and we will make substantial progress in 2016,” said the documentary army.

Despite the overcapacity of electrolytic aluminum, the work of dissolving the overcapacity of electrolytic aluminum continues to advance. At present, the investment structure of the aluminum industry has been diverging. From January to October 2014, the investment in fixed assets of aluminum smelting completed 50.7 billion yuan, down 26% year-on-year; Calender processing completed a fixed asset investment of 165.4 billion yuan, an increase of 26%.

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