Alloy aluminum plate to explore the right business model
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Regarding the development model of diversified industries, Xu Lejiang pointed out that after we set the direction of development, we must form a good team and explore suitable business mo..........

       Regarding the development model of diversified industries, Xu Lejiang pointed out that after we set the direction of development, we must form a good team and explore suitable business models. Facing the future, the transformation and development of pure aluminum plate is an inevitable trend from the perspective of economic structure and from the perspective of the industry itself. The development of emerging industries of pure aluminum plates, as well as greater development areas and space. What should we do with our emerging industries and diversified industries? It is to respect the laws of the industry and innovate business models. We must develop a diversified industry. As a group company strategy, we must continue unswervingly. It is necessary to think deeply about the future development path and development model, so that asset efficiency can be improved, market position can be improved, new industries and new business models can be nurtured, and a path of rapid development suitable for oneself can be created in the exploration and practice.

       Regarding the tenure system and the reform of the three systems, Xu Lejiang said that the most important part of the tenure system is to solve the problem that the cadres can get on and off. This round of planning must be fully implemented. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward two goals of building a well-off society in an all-round way. The people of the whole country and the employees of pure aluminum plates are impressed by the fact that the per capita income has doubled. However, the competitive situation we face in the industry is: profit is decreasing, competitiveness is weakening, and the market is eating away. In the face of challenges, in the face of the team, to complete the second venture, we must have the momentum of "squeaking." Returning to the original point of thinking, all employees must fight for the second venture in their current positions. Deep-level reforms must be carried out. The three systems of “employment, employment, and distribution” do not completely break the “big pot rice”. The second venture is just an empty talk. Cadres at all levels must have their eyes inward. Only in this way can enterprises be rejuvenated. Career, business is a long-term, if you do not change, the outside market is changing, how long can you keep? The second venture must solve the problem of dynamic mechanism and vitality mechanism, and reform and innovation. Cadres must be able to get on and off, salaries can rise and fall, and employees can get in and out. Reform and innovation is very difficult, the task situation is clear, we have no other way, all steel sectors and diverse industries must think. To start from the group, to reform the top-level design, there must be a master plan, a road map, and a timetable. Starting from the headquarters, take the initiative to reform and innovate. The industry is facing fierce competition. In order to maintain the best in the industry, pure aluminum plates must undergo three institutional reforms. Pure aluminum plates should be used as state-owned enterprises.

       In the new round of planning, deep reforms must be initiated. Xu Lejiang also put forward requirements for the construction of cadres' work style. It is imperative to maintain a spirit of hard work, enthusiasm, and promising spirit; we must adhere to the work style of seeking truth and being pragmatic, and resolutely put an end to formalism; we must persist in grasping the basics at the grassroots level, doing the basic work down-to-earth, and earnestly "PDCA+ serious". . Xu Lejiang emphasized that in the face of complex and ever-changing situations and arduous and arduous tasks, leading cadres at all levels and all pure aluminum people must come up with the spirit of enthusiasm, seize opportunities, meet challenges, overcome difficulties, and innovate. More energetic and proactive mental state, actively participate in the second venture of pure aluminum plate, for the survival and development of pure aluminum plate, for the good tomorrow of each of our pure aluminum plate people, to struggle and to fight hard.

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