Two sessions - the electricity reform program is ready to come out
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Xu Shaoshi, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed during the two sessions that there are still several major price reform measures in the process of brewing th..........
Xu Shaoshi, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed during the two sessions that there are still several major price reform measures in the process of brewing this year, such as drug price reform and electricity price reform, which will be introduced soon. It is worth noting that this year's government work report puts forward “not losing the opportunity to speed up the price reform”. The reform direction is to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market, and to significantly reduce the types and projects of government pricing. In principle, the prices of goods and services with competitive conditions are in principle. To let go.

Experts in the industry pointed out that China is a big manufacturing country. The electricity consumption of industrial manufacturing accounts for 80% of the country's total electricity consumption. The gross profit rate of power grid companies has remained high for many years and has already formed a substantial impact on the manufacturing industry. At the same time, this caused coal and power generation enterprises to have conflicts due to price, and forced coal and electricity joint ventures to transfer the price of coal resource assets within the two types of enterprises within the industry.

In fact, the State Council executive meeting officially passed the "new electricity reform" program at the end of last year. In February this year, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee confirmed the plan again. It is undeniable that the framework of the electricity reform program has no suspense, the key lies in the specific implementation rules of the next step, and on the New Year's Day this year, Shenzhen Electric Power Reform has started. It is reported that the mature conditions of Mengxi Power Grid and even Yunnan Power Grid are candidates for the next reform pilot.

Minsheng Securities believes that the new power reform plan will be released before and after the two sessions. This new power reform plan will blow the horn of the energy system reform, which is an important part of the energy system reform. The new power energy sector will usher in a new round of themed investment opportunities. According to the analysis of Minsheng Securities, the core problem of electric power reform is bidding online, that is, the mechanism that determines the price of electricity is determined by the market, and the competition is introduced between the buyer and the seller to form a market pattern of buying more and selling more, thereby improving power generation, power supply and power efficiency. To achieve full social economy.

Shen Wanhong also stressed that the power system reform has three directions worthy of attention. The first is that the power generation terminal (on-grid tariff) is expected to be the first to introduce a market-oriented mechanism. The low-cost ones will benefit significantly, recommending hydropower and large thermal power; the second is to sell electricity (selling electricity prices) or adopt a diversified approach to introduce competition, and independently allocate electricity resources enterprises. Due to the existing sales channels and production advantages, power generation companies are more conducive to entering the electricity sales market. Under the conditions of full competition, their advantages will be greater than other enterprises. Finally, electricity price reform will help reduce the cost of electricity consumption in the whole society and improve in the long run. The profit level of the downstream whole industry chain (raw materials, manufacturing, etc.).

Judging from the past disk, during the discussion of the electricity reform program, listed companies such as electrolytic aluminum and electrolytic copper have repeatedly followed the trend. Today, Chinalco = linear daily limit is more stimulating Mingtai Aluminum, Hongda shares, etc. Only the color stocks limit, the electric spring breeze is expected to push the concept of electrolytic aluminum to the climax.

Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern international enterprise that has formed a complete industrial chain of deep processing of coal, electricity, aluminum and aluminum. The company has an aluminum ingot production capacity of 840,000 tons, aluminum processing material capacity of 770,000 tons, coal production capacity of 2.25 million tons and carbon production capacity of 15 10,000 tons, power generation capacity of 900MW, the overall strength ranks in the first phalanx of China's aluminum industry. At present, Zhongfu Industrial's existing pre-baked tank is the world's most advanced electrolytic aluminum equipment. The company is accelerating the development of aluminum deep processing, and medium and heavy plate products can be used in the production of aerospace and other industries.

Xinjiang Zhonghe is a leading aluminum deep processing enterprise in the country. Its main products are high-purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil. The production capacity will reach 180,000 tons, 47,000 tons and 21 million square meters respectively. The company is committed to building "energy-high purity." Aluminum-electronic aluminum foil-electrode foil" new material industry chain, while actively expanding other new aluminum-based materials.

Yun Aluminum has a number of holding subsidiaries with a total asset size of nearly 24 billion yuan. It has successfully built an industrial cluster centered on Kunming and radiating resources and energy advantages. It has formed a bauxite, alumina and electrolytic aluminum. A comprehensive large-scale aluminum company that integrates aluminum processing and carbon product production.

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