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On April 20th, the Shanghai International Auto Show was grandly opened, and new energy vehicles took the lead. According to statistics, a total of 103 new energy vehicles were exhibited, set..........
On April 20th, the Shanghai International Auto Show was grandly opened, and new energy vehicles took the lead. According to statistics, a total of 103 new energy vehicles were exhibited, setting a record high. The world's auto giants have launched new energy vehicles. Although domestic independent brands are difficult to surpass foreign brands in the traditional auto industry, pure electric vehicle R&D is an excellent opportunity for overtaking in corners. In March of this year, sales of new energy vehicles tripled, and pure electric vehicles accounted for 60%. The various types of automotive batteries, lightweight bodies and auto parts under the “new energy era” have also brought unlimited market opportunities to China's aluminum industry. Two months later, the 2015 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition (referred to as “Aluminum Industry Exhibition”), which will be newly performed in Shanghai, will focus on the new energy vehicle field, through the “New Energy Vehicles Impact on Automotive Components” forum and exhibition area. To explain the wave of automobile revolution under the "new energy era" for the industry.

Forum Focus 1: The Driving Force of New Energy Vehicles - "Battery Technology Development"

The three obstacles to the development of new energy vehicles are cruising range, charging devices, and battery costs. Therefore, batteries are called the "heart" of new energy vehicles. In addition to lead-acid batteries, nickel-based batteries, and lithium batteries, aluminum aerodynamic batteries are gradually entering the public's field of vision. As a new type of fuel cell, the test results of the Citroen C1 electric vehicle developed by Israel's Phinergy and Alcoa show that the cruising range is more than twice that of the Tesla Model S electric vehicle. Whether it is a comprehensive evaluation of energy density, cost and environmental protection, aluminum air battery has obvious advantages and becomes the "darling" of new energy sources for automobiles. This year's Aluminum Industry Exhibition specially organized a special report on the development trend of aluminum air-powered batteries, introducing the development status and technical progress of this type of battery. "This is the first time in China. Although aluminum aerodynamic batteries are not yet popular, the first step is a must. This forum is a highlight of the combination of new energy and aluminum industry," the organizer said.

It is understood that the organizer will also give a special lecture on the "application analysis of new energy batteries", detailing the advantages and disadvantages of batteries and fuel cells, classification, materials, deceleration and energy storage technology during braking, covering the current application. A wide range of power batteries.

New energy vehicles often pay too much attention to the material of the battery, ignoring the thermal management of the battery. Changes in the temperature of the battery can change its voltage, internal resistance, and available energy, and can even affect the life of the battery. This forum added a lecture on "Battery Thermal Management Technology" to discuss battery temperature measurement and monitoring in detail, including professional technical issues such as battery active cooling and heating, low temperature rapid heating, and battery pack cooling.

Forum Focus 2: How the development of new energy vehicles promotes the application of aluminum - "saving energy with aluminum"

Reducing the vehicle's own weight is another important factor in improving the cruising range of new energy vehicles. Therefore, the development of new energy vehicles has opened up a broader market space for automotive aluminum. At the same time, as people pay more attention to environmental pollution, China's goal of reducing the average fuel consumption of passenger cars to 5.0 liters/100 kilometers in 2020 and reducing fuel consumption by 31.8% is no longer a piece of paper. Aluminization of body and parts will help major car companies achieve this goal. In this aluminum industry exhibition, industry experts will bring about the transformation of demand for spare parts for new energy vehicles, the overall solution for aluminum for automobiles and the trend of aluminum for the future, so that aluminum companies can understand the future growth of the automotive market, and make arrangements in advance. Targeted increase in R&D investment to avoid homogenization competition. The car companies will also learn about the latest and mass-produced technology trends to avoid product obsolescence. They can also speed up technical research by speeding up the purchase of target patents, speeding up mass production and achieving cost-effectiveness.

In addition, the Aluminum Industry Exhibition will also set up an aluminum exhibition area for automobiles in the deep processing area, which will show forged aluminum, forgings, extrusions, aluminum wheels, hoods, doors, luggage compartment covers, luggage racks, connectors, The roof, and other aluminum products for new energy vehicles, battery cases, aluminum linings for fuel cells, engine casings, etc., showcase the latest technology in aluminum processing for automobiles.

China's auto industry is undergoing a transition to new energy and lightweight, and the aluminum industry exhibition that has always been committed to this is a window into insight into development trends. The disruptive core technology brought by the exhibition, the technical forum of massive information, and the rich product display made the aluminum industry exhibition become the booster and accelerator of the “new energy era” wheel. When the dream of new energy gradually becomes a reality, the era of aluminum-driven wheels will soon come.

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