Aluminum alloy lightweight market prospects
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First, the significance of aluminum alloy lightweight vehiclesResource consumption and environmental pollution have become global problems, and the whole society is paying attention to the e..........
First, the significance of aluminum alloy lightweight vehicles

Resource consumption and environmental pollution have become global problems, and the whole society is paying attention to the energy conservation and emission reduction work of automobiles. Measures to reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption, and improve transportation efficiency have become issues of common concern to governments, research institutes, vehicle manufacturers, and transportation users. Aluminum is the second largest metal after steel. Aluminum alloy has a series of excellent properties, such as low density, light weight, high strength, good elasticity, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, easy surface coloration, and good processability. As well as high recycling and recycling, it has been widely used in the automotive industry.

Due to the large amount of aluminum alloy used in automobile manufacturing, the total mass of the car is reduced, thereby reducing the fuel consumption. Because of low fuel consumption, light weight, less exhaust emissions, the pollution level is reduced; the recycling rate of used cars is high, aluminum car parts It is basically recyclable; less energy is required for recycling, and aluminum can be recycled multiple times. Therefore, whether in the international or domestic, aluminum alloy lightweight vehicles will occupy an important stage in the future.

Today's aluminum alloy materials are no longer in the concept of aluminum pans and aluminum lunch boxes. With the improvement of aluminum alloy material technology, the use of aluminum alloy is more and more extensive. Whether it is aluminum alloy light rail passenger car, aluminum alloy tank turret, aluminum alloy ship, aluminum alloy aerospace vehicle, etc., sea, land and air are widely used. . In developed countries in Europe and America, the application of aluminum alloy vehicles is very common, and the technology is relatively mature. Aluminum body, aluminum engine and aluminum gearbox are no longer new. Even in China, aluminum fuel tanks, aluminum gas cylinders, and aluminum rims have been widely and widely used in vehicles in just a few years. Therefore, aluminum alloy lightweight vehicles are the mainstream of the future, and its development momentum is unstoppable.

Second, the trailer market will not be saturated

In terms of market holdings, the total number of trailers in China is close to 60 million. In 2009 and 2010, the number of new vehicles increased by more than 250,000. From the perspective of China's road transportation mode, long-distance high-speed kilometers transportation, high-power large-tonnage semi-trailers will be the mainstream models. Reverse board transportation is the future development trend, and it is expected that trailers will grow at a rate of no less than 15% in the next few years. Depending on the type of cargo being transported, 75-80% of the total number of trailers (about 20-25% for tank trucks, container trucks and other types of trailers) can be car-type or warehouse-style aluminum alloy trailers. Once people know and accept the aluminum alloy trailer, and get the benefits of the aluminum alloy trailer from the logistics economy (from the logistics economy, whoever has a high cost per ton, who will be eliminated, this lightweight model is undoubtedly the cost per ton of kilometers You will bring considerable benefits), and its development momentum will explode.

Third, the investment value

In terms of economic efficiency, since the weight of the aluminum alloy semi-trailer is 3.5 tons less than that of the all-steel semi-trailer, in this operation, 3.5 tons of cargo can be transported more than the all-steel semi-trailer in each operation. Calculated with an annual operating capacity of 150,000 kilometers, the aluminum alloy car can use its light weight advantage to drive more than RMB 15-18 million. In the no-load operation, the fuel consumption will also be greatly saved. The data shows that the vehicle weight is reduced by 1KG, and the operation of 10,000 kilometers can save 0.7KG of gasoline. In other words, the aluminum alloy trailer has a much lower fuel consumption when the same weight of goods is pulled.

Fourth, why buy aluminum alloy trailer?

The investment cost of all-aluminum trailers is 40% higher than that of steel trailers. Although the investment cost of all-aluminum trailers is high, the excellent characteristics and lightweight advantages of aluminum alloy trailers greatly shorten the payback period, and the service life of all-aluminum alloy cars can be reached. In 10 years, it will be able to generate more than RMB 1.5-1.8 million in 10 years. After 10 years, the aluminum alloy of the compartment can be recycled and reused, and it can be recycled according to the international non-ferrous metal listed aluminum price on the same day.

In summary, aluminum alloy semi-trailers have significant energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects in operation, and the input-output benefits are considerable. The use of aluminum alloy semi-trailers will be the mainstream product of trailer production and application in the future, and it is a revolution in the production and application of steel structure trailers.

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