Aluminum alloy material variety representation method
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P - represents the platePC - aluminum plate and clad sheet, such as A2024PCBE - ordinary grade extrunded barBES - special grade drawn barBD - ordinary grade drawn bar (ordinary grade drawn b..........
P - represents the plate

PC - aluminum plate and clad sheet, such as A2024PC

BE - ordinary grade extrunded bar

BES - special grade drawn bar

BD - ordinary grade drawn bar (ordinary grade drawn bar)

BDS - special grade drawn bar

W——Ordinary grade drawn wire

WS - special grade drawn wire

TE - ordinary grade extruded tube

TES - special grade extruded tube

TD - ordinary grade drawn tube

TDS - special grade drawn tube

TW - ordinary grade welded tube

TWS - special grade drawn tube

FD - die forging

FH - free forging

PB - plate bus

SB - extruded regular grade corner bus (shape bus)

BY - wire

    WY - electrode, non-melting electrode, inert gas shielded welding.

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