Meyer Metal teaches you how to prove the authenticity of materials
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Date: 2015-01-06
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The aluminum alloy material market has developed to this day, the domestic aluminum suppliers are mixed, and the quality of aluminum is even more uneven. Based on the lack of China's industr..........

The aluminum alloy material market has developed to this day, the domestic aluminum suppliers are mixed, and the quality of aluminum is even more uneven. Based on the lack of China's industry standards, market supervision is not in place, etc., some unscrupulous merchants in China have started to wipe the ball, started the business of selling dog meat, and posted on their own products with foreign trademarks. It is said to be imported goods, and the profit margin of this domestic act of impersonating imported products cannot be imagined. What's more, through illegal channels, reselling smuggled waste, or scraping the waste twice, and selling it again through simple processing. These practices are undoubtedly violations of the country's laws, but also a kind of behavior that deceives consumers, but from the perspective of unscrupulous businesses, it is certainly increasing the considerable profit income; facing the chaotic industry status, and exaggeration The interests of the temptation, the United States and the United States still adhere to the principle of good faith management:

1. In the 20 years since its establishment, the company has been operating in good faith and professionally importing aviation aluminum alloys, which greatly reduces the risk of shoddy and domestically impersonated imports.

2. All products of Meike Metal are complete in documents. After the transaction, they can provide proof of origin, customs declaration and original warranty, and other relevant documents, so that they are well documented and traceable.

3. Support third-party inspection. Any product of Meike Metal is subject to testing by a third-party authoritative testing agency. Our company will provide relevant material certification and give maximum support for relevant testing work.

Meitung Metal has always been strict with self-denial, and has not slackened its control over the quality of its own products. Strive to improve step by step, predicting possible problems and more comprehensive solutions in the first step of the customer's problem, to minimize your risk. We are very grateful to our customers who have strict requirements for our products and services. It is your trust, support and high standards that make Meitung Metals grow and grow healthily in today's complex and competitive market environment. Disclaimer: Recently, there have been unscrupulous merchants who pretend to sell the aviation-grade aluminum alloy materials of the five major aviation materials factories under the name of Meilu Metal. For this kind of behavior, our company has investigated its corresponding legal responsibility and economic compensation. We hope that these businesses will be self-respecting, operating with integrity and fair competition.

Here, Meihao Metal warm reminder, please contact us for the purchase of materials, please contact us: 400-820-8239 In addition, if you have doubts about the materials already purchased by other merchants or encounter some problems during use, We can also provide relevant image materials to us, and Metal Materials experts are happy to answer your questions and communicate with you in depth.

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