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In 1995, Alum Developing, Inc. was founded as the first metals distributor in China. Within five years, Alum became the first Chinese distributor to receive the ISO 9001 commendation for its quality control systems. Since its inception, the Company has expanded into three cities: Chengdu, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Currently, Alum owns and operates four metal service centers, including a duty free service center in Shanghai. The company has been a certified Boeing service provider since 2003 and recently qualified as an Airbus service provider. 

Today, Alum provides aerospace grade and commercial titanium, steel, and aluminum to customers in diverse markets, such as semiconductors, aerospace, automould, medical devices, nuclear power plants, and more. Each of our metal service centers has the capability to stock and process thousands of different metal items, in accordance with customer specifications. We invest in training technical specialists and state-of-the-art equipment in order to mass process metals efficiently. By doing so, we hope to eliminate what would be a costly process for our customers and enable them to focus on their principle manufacturing line. We meet each individual’s needs through guaranteed quality, “Just In Time” delivery, alloy choice consulting, duty-free inventory management, and other customized services. By delivering its trademark quality service, Alum aims to raise the production efficiency of its customers. 

Alum Developing is committed to ensuring long-term success through building our brand accountability, continuous improvement, and social responsibility. From our first transaction, we have operated our business on the principles of honesty and transparency. We have continually striven to uphold and exceed our company standards and our customers’ expectations. To achieve our goals, we work with customers to innovate new services and streamline our operations to fit their needs.  

We view our social responsibility as a commitment we make to our customers, employees, suppliers, and neighborhood. As a company, we seek to create a team-building workplace environment and to engage in fair business practices. As leaders in our community, we make creating stable jobs, supporting employee health, and ensuring the sustainability of the environment a top priority.