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1, Stocking stock: you can use the way suppliers manage inventory.

At the beginning of the cooperation, your company can purchase spot stock materials in our company as a starting point for understanding our materials and services. After the approval of your company's supplier, both parties can sign a cooperation agreement to stock up.

Our company currently has two warehouses and office locations. One is Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, about 1000 square meters of storage base, providing duty-free operation; the first is Nanhui Kangqiao Industrial Zone, about 4,000 square meters of storage base.

We also carry out futures supply according to the different needs and ordering plans of each customer and carry out futures supply according to the different needs and ordering plans of each customer.


2. Delivery and delivery: spot and futures

The stock of stock materials can be delivered to your door within 2-3 days according to the customer's order requirements. The emergency delivery time can be met within 24 hours.

Futures supply, usually 6-8 weeks from the factory, provides door-to-door service.


3. Material quality and guarantee:

Our stock of stock materials is mainly made by European and American manufacturers, and we can also choose the materials with the corresponding price/performance ratio according to customer requirements. The original warranty is available for each batch.


4. Settlement method:

The credit management department of Alcoa America's head office directly credits the settlement method of customers. The evaluation elements include the customer's operating status, the transaction history of both parties, and the customer's response to our monthly application form.

In the initial stage of cooperation, it was confirmed by evaluation that the settlement method that our company can provide to your company is 30 days payment. With the stability and deepening of cooperation, generally within 3-6 months, our credit management department and customers can evaluate the cooperation situation and negotiate and adjust the settlement method.

5,The price:

Our stock spot price slightly fluctuates with the LME market price, providing customers with long-term agreement prices.